Little Dare Devils


Little Dare Devils is designed for kids of all ages to be active and challenged and be involved in fundraising for the Tasmanian devils.

We believe that by setting children worthy challenges and achieving them this will build self-esteem and confidence for the future. Raising money for any cause shows our kids that they can make a difference however young or old they are.

All you need to do is choose your Little Dare Devil Event. You can have a Dare to be Different Day where children can have a dress down or a dress up day at school, or you could have a Dare to Swim, Dare to Cycle and Dare to Run event. Your school can either preset the challenges for the children to meet or you could use an idea that we have suggested.

Why not combine theĀ  fundraising with school projects on Tasmanian devils. Contact us to order your school information pack.


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