Great Devil Walls of Tasmania Appeal

Devil Island Project is now raising funds to build and project manage two ultimate Devil Islands, called The Great Devil Walls of Tasmania (GDWOT).

There are approximately 600 healthy Tasmanian devils happily living their lives in far northwest Tasmania. Thankfully this area has been untouched by Devil Facial Tumour Disease but monitoring has shown that the disease is approaching fast. Time is of the essence, we urgently need to raise the funds to build a 34 kilometre barrier across the peninsular coast to coast.

The DIP is currently fundraising to be in a position to start construction hopefully as early as October this year.

The second GDWOT which has currently been deferred indefinitely by the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, will be 5 kilometres long running from Moulting Lagoon to Isaacs Point in the Freycinet National Park. All the Tasmanian devils will be collected from the area and quarantined in one of our Devil Islands until such time that we know that they do not have the Devil Facial Tumour Disease. Disease free devils can then be released back home into the National Park where they live their lives safe and protected from the disease.

Please give a gift towards the Great Devil Projects so that these Tasmanian devils have a chance. Our goal is to raise $2 million dollars to build both Great Devil Walls.

Your help will make it possible to start the building and save a healthy devil wild population.


Donate now to the GDWOT appeal